The city responds to the OCPM’s report on urban agriculture!

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Santropol Roulant salutes the first step taken by the city of Montreal in response to the report (French only) by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) on the state of urban agriculture (UA) on the island. The executive committee, represented by Josée Duplessis, announced yesterday the steps that will be taken by the city to develop UA in Montreal. We see the position of the city of Montreal as a stakeholder in the dynamic environment of UA as a good omen.

The report submitted by the OCPM in September 2012 recommended several promising avenues to support urban agriculture and increase its potential. To implement these recommendations, a concerted reflection is necessary. Santropol Roulant therefore welcomes the creation of the working group proposed by the city, whose primary mandate is to build a plan of action.

As a member of the Groupe de travail en agriculture urbaine (GTAU), Santropol Roulant is looking forward to participating in the committee, particularly to represent the contributions and needs of active players in UA.

Remember the events…
– end of 2011: the GTAU submitted a petition of 29 000 signatures calling for the city of Montreal to hold a public consultation on urban agriculture by virtue of the right of initiative.

– spring 2012: the public consultation took place, Santropol Roulant and many other organisations, groups and citizens participated and submitted reports.

– October 2012: the OCPM submitted its report.

– March 21st 2013: the city finally responded to the recommendations of the OCPM.

Cheers to urban agriculture in Montreal!

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