Join Your Community at the 2022 AGM

Gouvernance, Governance

Santropol Roulant officially and warmly invites you to this year’s Annual General Meeting. Every year, we host the AGM for members to elect our Board of Directors and to invite the community to look back at the last year’s activities and see what’s to come.

This year, the decision has been made to stream the event online via YouTube Live, with the possibility of attending in person at Santropol Roulant for those with specific accessibility needs (limited or no access to internet, vision-impairment, neurodivergence, language barrier etc.). 

Members will be able to vote for their 2022 board of directors online or by telephone during the event. We can’t wait to see you and celebrate all that we’ve been able to achieve together this past year!


Please fill out this RSVP form to register your online presence, register to vote or request to attend in-person, for those with particular accessibility concerns.


5:30 Livestream begins
6:00 Welcome & Introduction
6:20 2021 Activities Presentation
6:30 Board Presentation
6:40 Q&A
6:55 Word from the Candidates
7:10 Q&A
7:25 Voting Period
7:40 JEDI presentation with Julie Savaria
7:45 Q&A
7:50 Finances & Governance Presentation
8:05 Q&A
8:15 A Word from Campbell Stuart
8:20 Vote Results and Adjournment



Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM. It’s free of charge, and a great opportunity to learn about Santropol Roulant and connect with your community!

To interact and ask questions during the event, you will be able to use the live chat function from YouTube Live beside the video. To use the chat, you will need to login with a Google account, otherwise we invite you to ask questions via our telephone Hotline. Please review the Tech Instructions in the IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS section for more details.


Voting members are anyone who has been a client, volunteer, staff member or donor within the past 12 months. Members vote to elect their Board of Directors and must register in advance to vote. We will post registration details for the event once the format has been confirmed, or you can complete the above survey to be notified directly!

Please note that non-members are welcome to attend, but don’t have the right to vote.


Voting and non-voting members are invited to RSVP online to help us track attendance. However, voting members MUST register in order to vote. Please RSVP in advance. You will receive all the necessary information and documentation by email just prior to the event.

Join us directly on YouTube beginning at 5:30pm on Thursday, April 21st to have access to the chat!

If you have questions, or would like more information, please email Melanie at