Introducing your candidates for the Board


A banner with the letters "AGA" and "AGM" hands above hands, a microphone, and some vegetables.

This year, we have seven candidates vying for five spaces on our Board of Directors. Three candidates are up for re-election, joined by four new nominees who are running for the first time. How will you cast your vote? Read on to learn more about your choices for the Board.

If you are asking yourself what exactly is a Board of Directors, read more here. You can also refer to our call for candidates, where we outlined the list of skills our Board is looking for this year. In the following profiles, you’ll see these key skills in italics, followed by other complimentary skills.

Board Members Up for Re-Election
New Candidates for the Board of Directors

Claire Aubert

Economic Development Commissioner, City of Montreal

Key words to describe yourself: Enthusiastic, Proactive, Project-Oriented, Camping Enthusiast

Skills: Strategic Planning, Professional Experience within the Municipal Sector (City of Montreal)

What experience or skill set do you bring to the Board?

A member of the Board for nearly 2 years, I bring to the table a good understanding of the Roulant’s operations, community and governance. Plus, my experiences and skills in strategy have proven to be useful when it comes to strategic planning implementation and continuous improvement of the Board practices. Finally, I will contribute with my knowledge of the municipal sector, especially of Montreal districts and organisations.

Why are you interested in a role on the Board?

I feel it is a way for me to offer my skillset acquired in companies to my community. And in return I learn a lot from the Roulant, enriching my professional practice. 

Also Boards are crucial organs of organisations like the Roulant, and I am proud to contribute to this important place of local democracy. Anyway, I think we can agree that I am more useful like this than in the kitchen!

Gabrielle Caron

Executive Assistant in the Agricultural Field

Key words to describe yourself: Passionate, Beekeeper-Farmer, Humble, Supportive, Team-Player

Skills: Finances, Human Resources, Urban or Peri-Urban Agriculture

What experience or skill set do you bring to the Board?

Connecting with my community has always been part of who I am. My passion for food justice stems from my childhood days where I volunteered for 5 years at L’accueil Bonneau. I’ve always found myself driven to work collaboratively. I have found myself grant writing and planning fundraising events to raise money for several non-for-profit organizations. I’ve worked with and sat on BoD’s including Sustainable Concordia for over three years. I have also collaborated with the Center for Gender Advocacy to create a Bystander Workshop to offer a space for reflection and discussion regarding how witnesses can intervene in moments of harassment, threats, and intimidation. From recruitment to training volunteers, to working the front lines out on the fields, gardening, planting on urban rooftops, I am always ready to assist where needed.

Why are you interested in a role on the Board?

Nature, by extension food, is the greatest tool to bring people together, find meaning and spark inspiration. I would be honoured to devote my passion to the Roulant’s BoD by offering my urban agricultural experiences and my active listening skills. For the short period of time I have worked at Santropol Roulant, I have never felt more at home. The connectivity & openness the Roulant masters to offer to the community, motivates me to be part of the board of directors. I would be delighted to support a kind-hearted working team, and contribute to a golden community that the Roulant attracts. I am a strong advocate for urban and peri-urban agriculture. I aspire to learn through community building and exchanging knowledge.

Alice Feuillet

Agricultural and Soil Health Project Manager at Équiterre

Key words to describe yourself: Farmer-at-Heart, Policy Geek, Collaborator, Empathic, Analytical

Skills: Urban or Peri-Urban Agriculture, Governance, Strategic Planning, Understanding of the Milieu and Policy, Federal Politics

What experience or skill set do you bring to the Board?

Having led my organization’s strategic planning process last year, I believe that my strategic background can be beneficial to the Roulant in the medium term. As an administrator for the last 2 years, I have developed a comprehensive knowledge of the Roulant’s strategic issues. In addition, as part of my involvement in the Best Board Ever committee, I have started to look into diversity and inclusion issues and I would very much like to continue to advance the issue of diversity and inclusion on the board.

Why are you interested in a role on the Board?

For the last 2 years on this Board, I have met great people with whom the complementarity of our profiles is obvious and rewarding. I was able to confirm my personal interest in administrative leadership roles and governance processes, while developing new skills, but also and above all by immersing myself in the inclusive and caring atmosphere conveyed by the Roulant. In fact, these 2 values are the main reasons why I want to continue my involvement in the Board.

Laurent Fortin

High School Teacher

Key words to describe yourself: Progressist, Pro-Feminist, Proactive, Professor, 2-Wheel Commuter

Skills: Finances, Working Understanding of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resources, Urban or Peri-Urban Agriculture, Pedagogical Approaches, Public Outreach, Graphic Design

What experience or skill set do you bring to the Board?

As a high school teacher and a 12 year volunteer for the Scouts of Canada, I have a good experience in human relationships in a project management framework. In addition, I spent three years as treasurer of the housing cooperative where I lived while familiarizing myself with the work of an administrator and with the cooperative environment. I am keen on issues of social justice and equity and I struggle everyday to make inclusion a central part of my work. I have a great passion for agriculture, but from an amateur perspective. I am working on starting an urban agriculture project at the College where I teach. I have a first grade diploma in communication and journalism in addition to my formation in education. I therefore have a good knowledge of the media environment and have excellent writing and communication skills.

Why are you interested in a role on the Board?

As a professional in education, I would like to help develop partnerships with organizations working in this field. In addition, I believe I have a good global vision when it comes to addressing various issues and I like to contribute to discussions and debates. I am a rather organized person and I like to see projects born, grow, flourish and spread. I hope to be able to contribute in this way. After having been a field volunteer in the scouting movement for 12 years, I believe I have a good vision of this role and could act as a mentor or guide for the volunteer team. I am a team player and I feel that as an administrator, I will be able to contribute to the organization’s mission.

Eloise Haliburton

Executive Assistant / Outgoing Fundraising Agent

Key words to describe yourself: Inquisitive, Passionate, Food-Fanatic, Persistent

Skills: Working Understanding of JEDI, Social Entrepreneurship, Fundraising, Familiarity with the Santropol Roulant Community

What experience or skill set do you bring to the Board?

I have volunteered and worked with several organizations focused on social exclusion and food insecurity, each with a different approach to combatting these issues. My educational background combines Sociology and Social Entrepreneurship bringing me both understanding of the systemic complexities of social issues and tools to create innovative change. Working at Santropol Roulant, I have gained a deep understanding of not only the function of the organization, but also our community’s changing needs. I think each of these experiences combined with my commitment to social change and the Roulant’s mission would make me a valuable addition to the Board

Why are you interested in a role on the Board?

The power of food is something I have a profound respect for — it is a vessel through which connection and understanding can be shared. Santropol Roulant capitalizes on this potential through its diverse community programming surrounding food. A role on the Board of Directors appeals to me because I believe the Roulant has a unique position to unite its community around much needed social change in the future. Leaving my position at the Roulant, I see this as a great way to stay connected to the organization and collaborate with other passionate individuals to support and plan for lasting organizational health.

Jenny Loughran

HR Coordinator

Key words to describe yourself: Dedicated, Passionate, Gardener, Welcoming, Excited

Skills: Human Resources

What experience or skill set do you bring to the Board?

I have been on the board for two terms now, and during that time I have been able to use my HR skills on a variety of projects including those that look at developing the role of the ED and Leadership at the Roulant. My skill set has also allowed me to act on a consultative basis to help the ED and/or the HR Director act on various HR related issues. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve on the HR Committee and continue to provide support on matters related to Human Resources and labour laws.

Why are you interested in a role on the Board?

I am interested in renewing my mandate on the board because I believe that my skill set has been useful to Roulant. In the past the HR committee was not a permanent fixture on the board. Now that the committee is active, I believe we have been able to meaningfully contribute to the Roulant community by providing guidance and consultation. I think this is essential to the continued evolution and growth of the organization and hope to continue the work that has already begun.

Gabrielle Paris Gagnon

Business Lawyer

Key words to describe yourself: Woodworker, Creator, Giggly, Hard Worker, Curious

Skills: Law

What experience or skill set do you bring to the Board?

As a trained lawyer, I am well-versed on governance principles. At RenoRun, a company with 500+ employees, I take care of our company’s governance. Also, I’ve been a director on the board of Technovation Montreal as secretary. I will therefore be able to contribute with my knowledge on governance for non-profit organizations. I can assist with everything related to taking minutes, minute book keeping, interpretation of the constitutive documents and relations with various stakeholders of the organization (management, employees, government, donors).

Why are you interested in a role on the Board?

I have always liked being involved in a Board of Directors because it allows me to have an overview of organizations and to help with various challenges on a strategic level. I enjoy the intellectual challenges that Boards encounter. Being involved with Boards also allows me to do pro-bono legal work for the organizations I am involved with; it’s a way for me to share my training as a lawyer.