New Faces at the Roulant


While some are are saying goodbye, a much greater number of amazing individuals are joining our teams. Please give a warm welcome to our new members who will spread the spirit of community and inspire action at the Roulant for the 2022 season.

Aaron Fetherston

Aaron is starting at the Roulant in the position of Kitchen Manager. He has extensive culinary experience in everything from cooking for his family to formal education to being the chef and owner of a restaurant. He loves the positive impact that food has on social connections and he looks forward to channelling his experience into the mission of the Roulant.

Adrienne Richards

Adrienne worked for the urban agriculture team in the 2021 season as a Gardens Coordinator, and now she is back as the Gardens and Accessible Agriculture Coordinator. With a passion for ecological agriculture and food security, a degree in environmental studies, and hands-on agriculture experience under her belt, she is excited to contribute to the community-based initiative that is the Roulant.

Andrew Marrocco

Andrew is joining the kitchen team as a Community Cook after having previously worked in a variety of solidarity kitchens. They aim to live life with as much love and care as possible, and they look forward to this taking the form of helping to feed the Roulant’s community!

Béatrice Daudelin

Béatrice recently started at the Roulant as an Outreach Coordinator for our Meals-on-Wheels team. Having grown up being friends with and learning from children and seniors in her neighbourhood, Béatrice knew that she had a natural ability to make people feel welcome, and fortunately decided to continue to contribute her energy to her community through the context of the Roulant.

Carolina Quintero

The Roulant is incredibly fortunate to have Carolina as our Director of Human Resources and Operations. With her background in volunteering for community initiatives and her passion for where human resources intersects with information technologies and the community, Carolina is competent and caring in her role of helping to improve the working experience for our staff.

Clare Shuley

Clare is joining the fundraising and communications team with previous experience working with seniors and in community engagement roles. Her deep-seated interests in social connection and the power of good food mean that she is passionate about everything that the Roulant stands for, and she is excited to be a part of ensuring that we have the resources to continue our work in the community.

Emma Simon

Emma, who previously volunteered in the kitchen, comes to the Roulant as a part of the fundraising and communications team. With an educational and professional background in marketing, Emma is looking forward to making a positive impact in the community through her work at the Roulant.

Katherine McDowell

Katherine has fearlessly joined the Roulant as the new Farm Manager. With experience in organic farming and a passion for the outdoors, they are looking forward to helping people to feel more connected to the roots of their food through her leadership role on the farm in Senneville.

Mélodie Côté

Mélodie is joining us this season as a Farm Hand. With an educational background in environmental management and geography, she knew that she wanted to be involved as soon as she heard about what the Roulant does in the community.

Rachel Takasaki

Rachel is a Farm Hand with our team in Senneville this season after having previously volunteered in our kitchen and our Meals-on-Wheels program. She is passionate about sustainable agriculture and environmental justice and is excited about how these topics come to an intersection in a community-oriented agricultural setting.

Zaynab Mortada

Zaynab has joined the agriculture team as a Gardens Coordinator. With ample experience growing food for her community growing up, she is a seasoned gardener. This agricultural experience comes along with an educational background in history and philosophy as well as a knack for photography. The Green Team is lucky to have Zaynab’s support!

We look forward to the many enriching experiences that our new members will bring to the Roulant community!