The Board of Directors is recruiting!

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The Roulant Board of Directors is seeking a new member to work with or replace our Treasurer, beginning as soon as possible. If you are interested in strengthening Montreal’s food security, this position is a real opportunity for you to contribute. As Treasurer, you will be the Chair of the Finance Committee and will be able to help implement best practices when it comes to financial governance. An organization’s finances tell a powerful story. As Treasurer, you will have a key vantage point from which to evaluate the organization’s commitments to its mission

The role of the Treasurer is to:

  • Develop, along with the Executive Director and others, various reports and financial statements.
  • Present and explain these financial statements to the Board at our monthly meetings.
  • Make recommendations to the Board based on accurate and timely information (financial statements, budgets, budget forecasts) and work with our Executive Director to monitor the financial situation.
  • Answer questions asked during the annual audit.
  • Support the Executive Director in making financial decisions, such as: lease and credit negotiations, project impact analysis, selection of an audit firm, accounting, and financial management tools, hiring new resources, etc.
  • As Chair of the Finance Committee, you will participate in quarterly meetings of the committee, discuss the budget, review preliminary financial statements and prepare for board meetings, etc.

How to apply:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume and/or a cover letter and/or their LinkedIn profile to Jon Kalina by November 15th, 2022, 9 AM. A shortlist of candidates will be interviewed by a committee of Board members. 

For any questions about the position, please contact Board Member Athanasios Mihou (our present Treasurer).