Winds of Change in the Roulant Kitchen

Kitchen, Staff

The Roulant team has undergone a great deal of change over the past year, with some familiar faces leaving and new faces joining in. The kitchen team is no exception, as we thank Aaron and Andrew for their dedication over the past few months and welcome Katherine, who will be taking over the management of the kitchen programs and working alongside Julie!

Aaron – Outgoing Kitchen Manager

Proactive and engaged at every level of the role, Aaron gave life to the kitchen in many ways. He placed an emphasis on nurturing a positive, inclusive, and warm kitchen culture, making sure that it is a welcoming and inspiring space to all in the community. This included providing support to the kitchen staff and giving them the space and the means to flourish in their roles. 

Behind the scenes, Aaron was constantly plotting for the next event or festive meal, finding a creative balance between responsible, sustainable food use and delicious meals. At the same time, he was revamping both the menu and the systems around our service to place an emphasis on quality as well as simplicity and efficiency.

Aaron leaves behind a happy kitchen and a community around it whose love is only continuing to grow.

Andrew – Outgoing Community Cook

If there was ever a member of our team that is the embodiment of calm in the face of chaos, it would undoubtedly be Andrew. Since joining the team almost 6 months ago, Andrew has brought a sense of control and ease to our kitchens. Perhaps his beloved intergalactic headband is the source of such stability and flexibility in the face of 120 client orders per day… we may never know.

During a critical transition in early 2022, Andrew could not have come at a better time; his experience volunteering to feed vulnerable communities not only brought with it a deep connection with our mission, but also a sense of structure and perspective that only comes with experience in the field.

Thank you Andrew for all the hours, energy, and thoughtfulness you’ve devoted to the Meals-on-Wheels service, to the volunteer experience, and to relationships with your colleagues!

Katherine – Incoming Kitchen Manager

Katherine has been a devoted volunteer with the Roulant in the kitchen and beyond, helped us through many transitions, stepping in to assist wherever possible.

Her journey with Santropol Roulant began years ago when she, alongside a group of friends, created a cookbook (The Foodie Collective) with the purpose of raising funds for the Roulant. So fortunate were they to cook and eat whatever they wanted, that they paid it forward by donating all book sales to the organization!

With a strong background in management and consulting, Katherine is now shifting her focus to the food industry. Welcome to the staff team Katherine, we’re all very excited to have you on board!