Less Social Media, More Social


Paring down the Roulant’s presence on social media to get to the core of community-building – in person communications

Over the past year, Santropol Roulant has decided to drastically cut back on our social media presence in order to refocus energy on in-person communications and connections. This means prioritizing onsite and verbal communication on Roy, at the Cité Hospitalière garden, at the Farm and out in the community. Our goal with digital communications will be to invite members and the public to engage onsite and in-person, to increase accessibility and inclusion for people whose mobility, handicaps or social preferences don’t allow in-person engagement, and our educational mandate.

This is a significant change in vision and approach to communications and engagement. It represents a shift in our allocation of resources. It is an alignment of our practices with our vision for Montreal being a vibrant social fabric in service of its communities. And it allows us to be laser-focused on authenticity, active engagement and pro-active inclusion to continue bringing people together to nurture individual and community care.

You will therefore continue to hear much less about the Roulant on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

In the coming months, we will carry on investing energy towards improving our spaces so they feel engaging, inclusive and welcoming. We will continue investing in real conversations with community members, increasing the number of opportunities for many different voices to engage with our work. We will work towards making our communications platforms more universally accessible.

We will remain present and active

  • Onsite: come and join us on 111 Roy Street;
  • On the phone: you can reach out to us at 514-284-9335;
  • On our website with regular blog posts and photo albums;
    • Through our monthly newsletters;
  • On the volunteers group of our facebook account.  

We are aware that many of our community members like our beautiful pictures, like it when we say hi, when we share anecdotes or resources, or like engaging with us through social media. We will be redirecting this content and this engagement towards our newsletters that promise to be filled with love and quality information for the coming months.

We hope you understand the direction we are taking and that you will support it. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and comments. 

Looking forward to more in-person conversations with you all very soon, 

Pier and Melanie