Thank you Jack, Mélodie, and Rachel!

Agriculture, Senneville Farm, Staff

It is with full hearts and an incredible amount of appreciation that the Roulant says thank you to our stellar 2022 seasonal agriculture staff. We achieved so much, ate so much watermelon, and got very dirty! As sad as this parting is, we know these people have nothing but greatness ahead of them and will continue to be actors of change and inspiration in our community. 


When the urban agriculture team was unexpectedly short-staffed in June, we were lucky to have our star-dad-volunteer Jack jump in as an extra hand. Always with the biggest smile and verve for life, Jack brought a lot of energy to the team, hoarded groups of kids into discovering farming, and steadily drove the Jack-Mobile – the express shuttle from the Roulant to the farm. From acquiring more French, to braving the hectic Montreal traffic, Jack blossomed and we are ever so thankful for the support he brought to the team this summer.


Joining us at the start of the farm season in April, Mélodie jumped right in with contagious enthusiasm and positivity. She brought an immense passion for community engagement and was such a welcoming presence for all that came to the farm. The Roulant and agriculture team are incredibly grateful for all the dedication and energy she put into the farm this season, and for being such a wonderful person to work with. 


Also joining us in April for the start of the farm season, Rachel brought so much laughter and love for farming to the team. While always making every moment more fun for staff, volunteers and community members alike, she was also committed to promoting social change with their work. Rachel was such an incredible person to work with and the Roulant and agriculture team have massive appreciation for all the work and energy she put into this season. 

A big thanks to you, members of our seasonal urban agriculture-farm team 2022!