New Faces in The Kitchen

Kitchen, Staff

The kitchen is the beating heart at the centre of the Roulant’s day-to-day action. Its team members, then, play a huge part in keeping things running beautifully! We welcome Ben and Kasha, who have joined the team to help run the Meals-on-Wheels and create a welcoming and engaging environment for everyone.

Ben Heaslip (second on the right)

A few weeks ago, Ben started in the kitchen as a Community Cook. Not only does Ben have a passion for food security and sustainability, he also brings a wealth of experience from having run his own vegan catering company in Toronto. Outside of the Roulant, he’s a professionally trained pianist and composer.

With such a diverse background, Ben is eager to bring his skills and interests to the Roulant with a familiar holistic philosophy: “to embrace the unexpected and reshape it into something beautiful and worthwhile.” 

Kasha Chang (first on the left)

Alongside Ben, Kasha has also joined the team as a part-time Community Cook. Before that, Kasha worked in the Kid Food Nation Program at the Dawson Boys’ & Girls’ Club, where she saw firsthand the positive impact that food security and education can have on people’s lives. Like many of us, she is passionate about food education and its potential to empower individuals to lead healthier, more sustainable lives.

Kasha has a particular interest in fermentation, microbial activity, and “living” foods, as well as emerging food systems like veganism and locally sourced diets. If you have a chance, don’t hesitate to stop by the kitchen to say hello and ask her about her adorable orange cat.