Board of Directors: call for candidates


Santropol Roulant’s 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on March 28th, 2024 (official announcement to come). This means that starting now, you, members of the community and the public, can submit your candidacy to join the Roulant Board of Directors.

If the well-being of the community is important to you and you want to contribute to its development, if you are passionate about a healthier, more inclusive, and well-fed future, and if you believe that your professional experience or personal perspective could be valuable on our Board of Directors, we encourage you to consider submitting your candidacy.

This year, we are looking for 3 individuals to fill seats on the Board. We encourage you to continue reading or share this article with people in your network!


The Board of Directors is a team of volunteers who are legally responsible for the direction of Santropol Roulant. While the staff team handles the daily operations, the Board oversees the big picture, such as strategic planning, and fiscal responsibilities and decisions, including approving the budget. Our Board operates in a highly collaborative way, working closely with Roulant staff. Want to learn more? Read here.


You can nominate yourself as a candidate to the board if you:

  • Are 18 years or older;
  • Are able to serve a 2-year term (non negotiable) and make the necessary time commitment;
  • Possess a functional comprehension of both French and English;
  • Possess the skills and expertise needed to address this year’s Board priorities;
  • Possess a strong alignment with and commitment to Santropol Roulant’s mission.

Whether you’re a new or longtime friend of the Roulant, we would love to receive your application for a position on the Board of Directors!


The Board welcomes and thrives on a variety of skills, profiles, perspectives and demographic backgrounds. Given its governance responsibilities and current composition, the Board has identified the following experiences as particularly valuable for the coming years:

  • Experience in leading agricultural projects (especially with the experience related to infrastructure projects and project management, or general experience in small-scale organic farming, urban, or organic agriculture)
  • Experience in philanthropy (especially in foundations and in Montreal)
  • Professional experience in finance (certification as a Chartered Professional Accountant – CPA is particularly sought after)
  • Human Resources experience (specific interest: labour standards, recruitment, policy development)

Candidates are not expected to cover more than one of the above areas. Experience in other relevant areas is welcome. Experience with Santropol Roulant, the non-profit sector, and boards of directors are a plus, but not required.

The Board is intended to represent the diverse community of the Roulant, from volunteers to Meals-on-Wheels clients, community partners to donors, neighbors and others familiar with our fields of impact across Montreal.

We encourage all to apply. If you would like to explore whether your profile and availabilities are aligned with the needs and role of the Board, or for more information, feel free to email our Executive Director Pier, or call him at 514-284-9335.


Alignment: Board members are an important part of the team. As the holders of the mission, it is vital that directors understand our work, culture and aspirations. 

Diversity: Diversity of thought and lived experience is at the heart of the Roulant. In order to best support the Roulant, our Board needs to represent our community by expressing its rich tapestry of voices. People of all ethnicities, religions, gender identities, gender expressions and abilities are encouraged to apply and share their strengths. 

Read more about Safer Spaces at the Roulant

Read our Anti-Racism Policy

Read our Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion Mission and Vision Statements

Commitment: The Board plays a big role in the Santropol Roulant community, and it takes a sizable time commitment to make this happen. Board members are expected to attend one meeting per month, engage in additional committees and working groups, attend events, and have a visible presence in our organization with staff, clients, and volunteers. This translates to about 10 hours per month, depending on ongoing projects and committee needs.

Stability: Like any team, it takes time to find the best ways to form a productive team. This is why it’s important for board members to honor their two-year commitment.

If you are interested in joining our Board of Directors, submit your application before Friday, February 16, 2024, at 8 AM.

Sitting on the Board is just one of many ways to get involved in the Roulant. If you are interested in deepening your connection with the community but feel that the Board isn’t quite right for you, check out how you can support our organization through volunteering or becoming a donor!