Mycollective Milestones in 2023

Collective - Mycollective

We’re excited to provide a brief overview of the Mycollective’s 2023 activities, with a special focus on our common interest in mushroom cultivation. This endeavor goes beyond the simple act of growing fungi; it underscores a commitment to community education and food security. 

The Mycollective is one of five independently-run volunteer collectives, hosted by Santropol Roulant. Comprised of mushroom enthusiasts, the Mycollective is dedicated to building knowledge in mycology and fostering education in urban agriculture. They actively develop expertise in low-tech, cost-effective methods to make these mushrooms accessible to a wider audience.

Thanks to the dedicated work of the Mycollective, the Roulant kitchen received an impressive 41 kg of mushrooms throughout the year, valued between $900 and $3460, to incorporate into the Meals-on-Wheels menu. A significant portion, approximately 2.4 kg, were grown at the Cité-des-Hospitalières garden. This achievement is a testament to the organization’s commitment to enriching the culinary experience at Santropol Roulant by prioritizing the quality of meals for the well-being of community members.

Challenges are an integral part of the journey: approximately 2.7 kg of mushrooms encountered various issues for a notable 6% loss rate. These challenges are essential for the learning experience of the collective volunteers, who are amateur mushroom growers striving to improve their skills and expertise.

Meanwhile, while less was produced per square meter compared to 2022 (1.8 kg versus last year’s 3.86 kg), whether due to weather or new growing plots, the collective’s smart growth plans and early production start led to 10 kg more cultivated than the previous year.

We express our sincere thanks for your continued support on this mycological journey. Stay tuned for more updates as the Mycollective continues to cultivate knowledge, support the community, and celebrate the rich tapestry of urban agriculture.

– The members of the Mycollective