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Mycollective Milestones in 2023

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We’re excited to provide a brief overview of the Mycollective’s 2023 activities, with a special focus on our common interest in mushroom cultivation. This endeavor goes beyond the simple act of growing fungi; it underscores a commitment to community education and food security.  The Mycollective is one of five independently-run volunteer collectives, hosted by Santropol Roulant. Comprised of mushroom enthusiasts, …

Look Back on the Volunteer Collectives

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The collectives play an essential part in the Roulant community. Whether or not you’ve participated in their activities, you have surely seen their work. From supporting local food systems to helping a community with their bikes, the reach of their volunteer-led work goes beyond the walls of the place. It was a remarkable year with each collective celebrating great successes …

Growing Mushrooms at the Farm?

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Hey Roulant Community! I’m Guillaume Pratte. I’ve been a volunteer at the Roulant for over ten years, and today I’d like to introduce you to the Mycollective’s fantastic team and delve into their mission to grow mushrooms at Santropol Roulant’s farm in Senneville in 2022. It was through a permaculture lens that I first discovered mushrooms. These incredible organisms line …

Surveying for the Future

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The Roulant wants to understand its volunteer community better through a new volunteer survey. If you have volunteered at the Roulant in the past, please take 10-15 minutes to fill out this anonymous survey. Your input is invaluable in helping the Roulant adapt to the reality of volunteers into the future! You have until February 26th to complete the survey.

The collectives are looking for new members!

Collective - Apiculture, Collective - Compost, Collective - Fruits Defendus, Collective - Mycollective, SantroVelo

As the new year begins, the Roulant’s collectives are looking for passionate and committed volunteers to join them and make a difference in the community. The collectives offer a way to get deeply involved in an aspect of food, whether its fruit harvesting, cultivating mushrooms, closing the food cycle with composting or attending to beehives on our roof. The bike …

Winter comes early in the Roulant headquarters

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While the weather gets steadily colder outside, it’s also gotten colder inside this September in the Roulant with the installation of a new walk-in fridge and freezer. For years now, we dreamed of updating our walk-in fridge and freezer for a few reasons. First, an upgrade was necessary to conform to the new city regulations of Montreal. Second, we wanted …

Mycollective wishlist

Collective - Mycollective

Mycollective, the mushroom growing collective at Santropol Roulant is developing its production facilities in the basement and is seeking donations of second-hand items that members of the Roulant community may have lying around but may no longer be using. They are requesting: Household HEPA room air filters Household room humidifiers Metal or plastic shelving units A metal desk Small metal …

Introduction to Mushrooms Workshop

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Fall is the best season for mushrooms! Dive into the biology and life cycle of mushrooms in this introductory workshop. Theory will be followed by practice as you will get to help inoculate mushrooms in our gardens! When: Thursday, October 5th, from 5 – 7 pm Where: At the Terraces Roy tables in front of Santropol Roulant, 111 rue Roy East (second floor …

The Mycollective is recruiting volunteers and members!

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The Mycollective is a gathering of mushroom enthusiasts that seeks to create a nucleus of knowledge about mycology and in doing so expand the breadth of urban agriculture in our community. We also aim to develop expertise about low-tech and inexpensive ways to cultivate mushrooms. We are looking for volunteers (occasional basis) and members (weekly commitment): Volunteers (occasional/monthly commitment): The …


The MyCollective is looking for new members!

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Santropol Roulant’s mushroom collective is gearing up for autumn and calling out to all amateur mycologists and mushroom hunters to join this group of volunteers. What is it the Mycollectif/ve you ask? It’s a gathering of mushroom enthusiasts that is building a nucleus of knowledge about mycology and expanding the breadth of urban agriculture in our community. Mycollective also aims to develop …

Mycollectif/ve Reaches Out

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The Roulant’s mushroom growing collective has been making some serious strides towards the different aspects of its mission over the past year. Last week in particular they spread the spores of knowledge by hosting a workshop out at McGill’s Macdonald campus. The collective was invited by student organizers who recognized the interest among their colleagues in learning about this more …