Winter comes early in the Roulant headquarters

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While the weather gets steadily colder outside, it’s also gotten colder inside this September in the Roulant with the installation of a new walk-in fridge and freezer.

For years now, we dreamed of updating our walk-in fridge and freezer for a few reasons. First, an upgrade was necessary to conform to the new city regulations of Montreal. Second, we wanted to have something that would meet our present and future needs. And of course, we wanted to avoid the possibility of catastrophic failure, which was a real risk with our last system.

Our dream is finally a reality! Thanks to the very generous contribution of key funders: Lush Charitable Giving Program, the Charles Cusson Foundation, the Hylcan Foundation and the Alice and Euphemia Stewart Foundation.

The walk-in fridge boasts two cold rooms. One of which is home to the ingredients for the Meals-on-Wheels’ 5-day a week service, the Fruits Défendus’ urban fruit harvests, the Mycollective’s stock of mushroom spores and more. The second room hosts exclusively the organic produce from our urban gardens and our peri-urban farm.

This is a great gift for us and for future generations of Roulant community members, allowing us to be more organized and more efficient and keep our food safe.

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