The Mycollective is recruiting volunteers and members!

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The Mycollective is a gathering of mushroom enthusiasts that seeks to create a nucleus of knowledge about mycology and in doing so expand the breadth of urban agriculture in our community. We also aim to develop expertise about low-tech and inexpensive ways to cultivate mushrooms.

We are looking for volunteers (occasional basis) and members (weekly commitment):

Volunteers (occasional/monthly commitment):

The Mycollective is always looking for volunteers to help with the mushroom production. By joining the Mycollective volunteer program you will not only help supplying Santropol Meals-on-Wheels with yummy mushroom but you will also learn tons of tricks on mushroom production! Volunteers help us to:

  • Harvest the Mushroom from the growth chamber
  • Maintain and clean the growth chamber
  • Gather the substrate from coffee shops or else
  • Inoculate with mycelium (occasional)
  • Take care of the garden (occasional)
  • Build new installations
  • And more!

Members (weekly commitment):

Each member of the collective has the responsibility to:

  • Take ownership of their own learning process on mushroom growing
  • Share their knowledge with the community
  • Actively participate in weekly meetings (2h/week) 3 Wednesdays/month from 6:00-7:30pm
  • Dedicate time outside of weekly meetings to ensure that our activities run smoothly (garden, indoor production at Santropol, substrate gathering, workshop or other activities, etc.)

We are looking for people with the following skill sets:

  • Mushroom growing
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Agricultural construction and installations
  • Collectives or similar organization
  • Mushroom foraging
  • Mycology and Biology
  • Communication

Other Considerations

  • Mushroom-enthusiast people with no prior experience are also welcomed to apply.
  • Members need to be open to work physically (outdoor and indoor)
  • Having functional knowledge of French and English.

Are you ready to apply? Sign up via our page.

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