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Look Back on the Volunteer Collectives

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The collectives play an essential part in the Roulant community. Whether or not you’ve participated in their activities, you have surely seen their work. From supporting local food systems to helping a community with their bikes, the reach of their volunteer-led work goes beyond the walls of the place. It was a remarkable year with each collective celebrating great successes …

Join the Vermicollective

Collective - Compost

We’re looking for new members in the Vermicomposting Collective! Being a part of the collective means that you’re helping to minimize food waste from the Roulant’s kitchen, supporting the rooftop garden in growing strong, healthy plants, and learning about the wonderful creatures that are worms! We’re looking for a couple of people to join our weekly feeding rotation and also …

Surveying for the Future

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The Roulant wants to understand its volunteer community better through a new volunteer survey. If you have volunteered at the Roulant in the past, please take 10-15 minutes to fill out this anonymous survey. Your input is invaluable in helping the Roulant adapt to the reality of volunteers into the future! You have until February 26th to complete the survey.

The collectives are looking for new members!

Collective - Apiculture, Collective - Compost, Collective - Fruits Defendus, Collective - Mycollective, SantroVelo

As the new year begins, the Roulant’s collectives are looking for passionate and committed volunteers to join them and make a difference in the community. The collectives offer a way to get deeply involved in an aspect of food, whether its fruit harvesting, cultivating mushrooms, closing the food cycle with composting or attending to beehives on our roof. The bike …

Vermicollective Info Evening

Collective - Compost

Are you interested in learning about vermicomposting? Are you enthusiastic about reducing food waste and sustainability in general? Then Santropol Roulant’s Vermicollective may be for you. The collective is in search of new members for the 2019 season. As a volunteer, you will help prepare endless all-you-can-eat buffets for worms, provide nutrient-rich soil for gardens in the community and help …


Food Ecosystem Workshops

Collective - Compost, Community Workshops

Come deepen your knowledge of the agricultural and food cycle ecosystems. This series of workshops is the occasion to invite science to your table. Ecology, microbiology and genetics are on the menu! Francois-Xavier Dessureault of the Roulant’s Composting Collective, and biology student at Université de Montréal, invites you to explore food and agriculture through the eye of a biologist in …

Help feed our worms

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Friends and fans of red-wigglers, here’s an exciting opportunity to help out our vermicomposting collective. Every week, volunteers from the collective feed kitchen scraps to the worms in our vermicomposting room and in turn, rich fertilizer is produced. If you are interested to get your hands dirty and learn a bit more about vermicomposting systems, come join our collective members on …


Info Session: Vermicompost Collective

Collective - Compost, Volunteering - Personal

In the new year the Vermicompost Collective is planning to take on new projects and increase its capacity: both in terms its worm population and compost produced. In order to achieve these goals the collective is looking for new members and will hold an information session on January 16th to boost its ranks. If you’d like to get involved in a …

Vermicompost 101 Workshop and Demonstration

Collective - Compost, Community Workshops

Want to learn how to turn your kitchen scraps into fertilizer for your garden? Vermicomposting is a cheap, easy, and fun way to recycle food waste with the help of earthworms. Come learn what it is, how it’s done and why it’s so wonderful at our Vermicomposting 101 workshop, given by the Santropol Roulant Vermicomposting Collective.  All ages are welcome (younger …