Seeking Your Used Supplies!

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Every year, when it comes time to get our hands dirty in the soil, we take stock of our inventory of gardening gloves, rubber hoses, watering cans and pruning shears to see what needs to be replaced. We are seeking donations of the following supplies to help us maintain our urban and peri-urban agricultural sites:

  • new or used gardening gloves (pairs please, no singles!)
  • new or used rubber boots, different sizes (for muddy days at the farm)
  • kneepads (makes kneeling on the hard ground easier)
  • baseball hats or other headwear with brims
  • sunscreen (for sunny days outdoors)
  • reusable water bottles (to stay hydrated on hot summer days)

In addition, two of our volunteer collectives are seeking equipment of a different sort:

  • our Compost Collective is looking for a used food processor to help them chop organic matter into smaller, digestible bits for our worms to eat
  • our bike shop, Santrovélo, is looking for used toothbrushes to clean bike parts

If you have any of these items for donation, please contact Ben by email or at 514-284-9335. Thanks for your help!

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