Look Back on the Volunteer Collectives

Collective - Apiculture, Collective - Compost, Collective - Fruits Defendus, Collective - Mycollective, SantroVelo

The collectives play an essential part in the Roulant community. Whether or not you’ve participated in their activities, you have surely seen their work. From supporting local food systems to helping a community with their bikes, the reach of their volunteer-led work goes beyond the walls of the place.

It was a remarkable year with each collective celebrating great successes along with the occasional challenge, here is just a brief look into each of them.


The Vermicollective takes care of our composting worms, which take food scraps from the kitchen to turn into rich compost. This year 62 kg of kitchen scraps were composted in the Roulant basement. Aurelie and Bree are the dedicated volunteers who take care of feeding the worms on a weekly basis. The group is still recovering from a 2020 pause but volumes are steadily rising.

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, joining is as easy as sending a message here and committing to a biweekly visit schedule


The Mycollective experienced a big change by getting the opportunity to grow mushrooms at the Roulant farm. After the past two years growing on the roof top and the terrasse of the 2nd floor, the big came about with the space opening and due to limited success in the aforementioned spots. The change was a huge success with the collective harvesting 31 kg of mushrooms! Most of it benefiting the Roulant kitchen.

You can read a firsthand recount of the season from Guillaume & the collective here.

Les fruits défendus

Les Fruits défendus had another successful year of backyard fruit harvests. The collective totaled a record 90 harvests between June and October totaling 2670 kg of fruits saved with 16 local beneficiary organizations and fridges benefiting from the donations.

You can read about and see wonderful photos from a pickleader training by Simone and the collective at the Cité-des-Hospitalieres orchard. (Available in French only by Unpointcinq).

If you would like to support the collective you can do so by sharing your fruit tree in Montreal or by sharing a spot for the collective to store its summer pick equipment, you can get in touch by email here. Volunteers for pickleading and occasional harvesting are recruited in the spring.

Beekeeping collective

The beekeeping collective had another solid year. They welcomed 9 members this year to join the 10 continuing from the past. Together they kept their three hives in good health all season long which is always a challenge. Thanks to a donation, the group adopted an additional hive makes a total of 4. The hives have been wrapped up for the winter and the honey they produced, over 60kg, allowed for many jars to be bottled.

If you are interested in joining the collective, applications open in late-January with information shared on their FB page.


The season at Santrovélo started off by repairing bikes for the YMCAs of Quebec’s C-Vert program, which offer bikes to youth who participate in the after-school program. The workshop, which has been partnering for 3 years now, refurbishes gently used bikes back into working shape, this year, 25 were repaired and returned back to the project.

Following this, the workshop opened its door once again to the public, to make its tools and expertise available. Initially on Tuesdays, now it’s open additionally on Wednesday evenings. After the winter break (last day Dec 14th, reopening Jan 18th), the workshop will be open once again.

Book an appointment here or drop in to get help on your bike or send an email to volunteer with them.