The MyCollective is looking for new members!

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Santropol Roulant’s mushroom collective is gearing up for autumn and calling out to all amateur mycologists and mushroom hunters to join this group of volunteers.

What is it the Mycollectif/ve you ask?

It’s a gathering of mushroom enthusiasts that is building a nucleus of knowledge about mycology and expanding the breadth of urban agriculture in our community.

Mycollective also aims to develop expertise about low-tech and inexpensive ways to cultivate mushrooms in order to be able to make mushrooms accessible to a greater number of people.

For more information about what kind of opportunities exist through the collective, levels of commitment,  and how to apply check out the form below.

Download (PDF, 81KB)

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  1. Karine Sanssouci

    can I join the group even if I have NO experience and knowledge at all about mushrooms EXCEPT a huge interest to develop it ?

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