Gathering ’round the fire

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It’s not unusual for Terrasses Roy to be bustling with events and activities over the warm summer months. But covered in snow and with temperatures below freezing? That’s another story! This year, our community partner Comm-un broke the mould by organizing a truly warm community gathering in partnership with the Roulant – the Winter storytelling event.

The evening of January 18th, gathered around a small bonfire, 125 people enjoyed free soup, desserts, sculptures and visual art created onsite by 5 local Inuit artists, and stories from the Milton-Parc community. This allowed everyone to nourish not only the body but also the soul!

”It feels good to eat high-quality food. Good atmosphere. Very pleasant, comforting, and playful. Thank you! -Y”

The unique event drew some media attention from CBC News, highlighting the importance of creating community spaces and moments of connection such as these.

“That’s what the Indigenous cultures are all about: creating a space where people can sit around in a circle, with no hierarchy and talk about their day. Naturally, that is what happened.” –  Jonathan Lebire, director of Comm-un.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the neighborhood to come together, connect, and learn more about Indigenous cultures. Comm-Un and the Roulant would like to express sincere thanks to those who attended despite the frosty weather, as well as to the 15 volunteers who helped make it a reality. Stay tuned, as Terrasses Roy has many more great events ahead, which will continue to strengthen the bonds within the community and weave a rich tapestry of shared experiences and traditions.

Check out the photos below!