Sushi in the pizza garden

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Since 2019, classes from the Au-pied-de-la-montagne school down the street have participated in the Jardin Pizza project with Santropol Roulant’s urban agriculture program. The idea was initiated by Gianna from Volailles et Gibiers Fernando, the butcher shop across from the Roulant, with the primary objective to introduce the concept of the food cycle and notions of nutrition to the young students.

This year, for the first time, the kitchen and urban agriculture teams collaborated to run a new workshop as part of the series, along with elder mentors from the community: a new sushi creation activity aimed to introduce the kids to the world of cooking and proper food preparation. 

Each class visited the Roulant’s kitchen, a chance to see a professional kitchen and learn about safety rules and proper knife technique. Then, the classes put their new skills to the test by chopping veggies and rolling fresh and delicious sushi rolls to snack on! 

The kids, staff and mentors alike loved the experience, which we hope will empower the kids to be curious, creative and safe in their own kitchens back home.

Check out the photos below!