Catering Service

Monday to Sunday: 8am – 6pm

Santropol Roulant is pleased to offer a catering service straight from our community kitchen. Much like our meals-on-wheels service, we place a special emphasis on using healthy, local and organic ingredients, and prepare everything with care.

The Roulant kitchen can prepare food for your meetings with friends or colleagues, whether it’s in our community space or elsewhere. We offer different menu options, from full meals, to appetizers to nibble on, to sandwiches for lunch. The meats we use are organic and during the summer we use organic veggies from our own gardens.

As a community catering service, the availability of the kitchen for catering depends on our meals-on-wheels and opening hours. This service is part of our social entrepreneurship activities and supports the Roulant’s programs and mission in order to deepen our impact in the community

Our service


We can prepare catering for 15 to 150 people, depending on your needs.


We offer a delivery service with prices varying by distance. More info in our menu.


We rent out sets of dishes including plates, cups, utensils and serviettes.

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