General Store

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the General Store is closed to the public. To learn more about our new frozen meals program, click here! Thanks for your collaboration.

Drop by the store!
111 Roy East
Mon – Sat: 9:30am – 5:30pm

Seeking delicious products that connect people with one another and the source of their food? We have plenty! The Roulant General Store brings together many products that are made with love by our staff and members of our rich volunteer community. It’s a perfect place to pick up food to bring home, out to a party or even to give as a gift!

How does my purchase support the Roulant mission? Products created for the general store also help us achieve our mission by providing opportunities for diverse community members to develop skills and leadership through workshops, volunteering and internships. In addition, all funds go directly to Roulant programs. Learn more about our impact and programs here.

We’re happy to answer questions by email about the availability of items and can help you come up with creative ideas for corporate gift giving for events or for the holiday season. We also provide a delivery service for large orders!

For sale

Here are a few examples of what you’ll find in our General Store, but please note that supplies vary a lot according to the season! Come in person to check out all our goodies!

Frequently asked questions

It depends on the product. Vinegar brine items can keep over a month, sweet jams or chutneys can keep for many weeks, salsas, tomato sauces or low sugar jams or spreads should be eaten within a week or two. Why the differences? Once opened a canned product is likely exposed to small amounts of bacteria, yeasts or molds, how much depends on whether you’re using a clean knife and what’s floating around in the air. Then the food inside the jar affects the reproduction of these microorganisms; high-acidity, high sugar content or significant amounts of salt slow down the process.

  • All of our fresh fruit and vegetables are organic – they are from our farm and urban agriculture sites.
  • The vast majority of fruit used in our canned goods is harvested right here in Montreal, we love using urban fruit provided by les Fruits defendus! While the fruit isn’t organic, research thus far has proven that urban fruit is safe.
  • We are now using locally produced organic apple cider vinegar, organic fair-trade sugar, and organic lemon juice.
  • We use organic seasonings when available.
  • Most of our canned products contain over 95% organic ingredients. Definitely read the ingredient list if you’re curious, we’ll tell you what’s inside. We’ve chosen to only certify a few recipes for cost reasons. We welcome your feedback on this!
  • Frozen meals use a mix of organic and non-organic ingredients.