Ambassa-who? Dancing Dan


Dan Douek is the picture of a Santropol Roulant ambassador. Involved in all aspects of the Roulant, there’s nothing this guy can’t do. Check out how he organized the Reggae Jam Down in April 2012 to raise $900 in support of the Roulant.

Name: Daniel Douek

What is your connection to the Roulant? Long-time volunteer, former employee, donor, current board member and present board chair.

Tell us about your event. I hosted Reggae Jam Down, a night of enjoying reggae music at Blizzarts bar and it was DJed by Adrian Burhop, another former Roulant employee.

Why did you decide to do this event? I saw an opportunity to combine two of my passions: I love playing reggae music for people and I really love SR. It took minimal planning and preparation; it raised $900 for the Roulant and it was fun throughout!

For how many years have you been organizing this event? This was the first Reggae Jam Down and I hope to do it again.

If you were to plan another fundraiser for the Roulant in the future, what would you do differently? Publicize it better.

What is one tip you would give someone who is organizing a similar event for the Roulant? Create partnerships. If you are coordinating with a venue, try to find a location where people are excited about contributing to the Roulant. Blizzarts was very kind about donating the proceeds from the ticket sales and 10% of the bar to Santropol Roulant.

What types of events would you love to see hosted by ambassadors? I love seeing events that put people’s imagination to use. When planning a fundraiser, people should be inspired by things they are passionate about so it’s enjoyable for them too. Whether it’s food, music or a hobby, anything is possible. Fundraising is important but so is raising awareness and attracting new volunteers. It’s all about having fun (outside of the usual context of the Roulant)!

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  1. Cassandre

    Salut Daniel!
    Excuse-moi de t’écrire un message personnel sur le site du Santropol mais ce fut toute une surprise pour moi de voir ton visage et de lire tes nombreuses implications dans l’organisme ce matin.
    Je suis allée sur votre site parce que j’aimerais visiter votre organisation, crois-tu que ce serait possible?
    Chez nous tout le monde va bien. Je te donnerai des nouvelles si on a la chance de se parler.
    Ça fait bien longtemps que nous n’avons pas eu de nouvelles de Sifu et toi?
    Je te laisse mon no au boulot si tu veux me donner un coup de fil :
    [NDLR: numéro de téléphone effacé]
    Ciao, Cassandre

  2. Amadea Camozzi

    Bonjour Cassandre,

    Nous sommes contents de voir que ce post vous a remis en contacte avec Dan ! Je lui a envoyé votre message. Merci d’avoir lu notre article sur son Reggae Jam Down.
    – Amadea

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