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Photograph by Johnson Fung - http://www.johnsonfung.com

We are incredibly pleased to announce a new series of kitchen workshops.

Long-time volunteer and amazing chef, Danny Guarino, is as excited as we are to teach cooking techniques and delicious recipes focused around seasonal or local veggies – and offer them specifically to low-income individuals who may not have access to other cooking workshops or classes.

  • When: Every second Thursday evening from 5pm – 7:30pm, beginning the 27th of September.
  • Where: Santropol Roulant’s kitchen at 111 Roy east, corner of Coloniale.
  • For whom: Anyone who self-identifies as low-income, and who wants to sharpen their food skills and learn more about cooking in a fun group setting. It is possible to bring along a child of 12 years or older. To attend you must sign up.
  • Cost: Free for the full 6-session series.  Participants will share a meal and also take a portion home.

Please note that this workshop series is designed for attendees to participate to all 6 workshops. You cannot sign up for only one class, nor do we recommend that you do so.

For more information or to sign up, please contact Rachel by email or by phone at 514-284-9335.

It may be possible to accommodate your diet ex. vegetarian, Halal, etc.


Danny Guarino has been serious about cooking, both at home and in professional establishments, for the last 10 years working in restaurants in Montreal and around the world. He has a degree in culinary arts, and holds a bachelor in Food Science.  He has been a volunteer with Santropol Roulant since 2000, where he first acquired his cooking experience. He has recently become interested in teaching cooking skills to the general public, and he is now reorienting his career towards education. Danny is convinced that arming people with food knowledge and kitchen skills is the best way to help them develop healthy and affordable eating habits.

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  1. karine

    Vos ateliers de cuisine m’intéresse beaucoup, mais voilà, j’ai une petite fille de 4 ans. Est-ce qu’on peut connaître les raisons pour lesquelles les enfants de moins de 12 ans ne sont pas bienvenus? Elle est très sage et adore cuisiner!


  2. Rachel

    Bonjour Karine,

    Nous avons plusieurs différent thèmes pour nos ateliers de cuisine ici au Santropol Roulant. Cet automne on a des ateliers d’adultes et d’adolescents, mais malheureusement pas d’ateliers qui sont conçu pour bien accueillir et inclure des toutes petits. C’est quelque chose que nous avons déjà faits dans le passé et je suis certaine qu’on refera dans le future, surtout en sachant qu’il y a de l’intérêt.


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