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Do you have Facebook skills? …and not just the friend-stalking kind?

We’re working to improve our Facebook presence but —quite honestly— our day-to-day needs are limiting our capacity to give Facebook the attention it deserves. So… we’d love to get some support from a few volunteers who can help us put the social back into our media!

We’re looking for support particularly with:

  • double checking our Facebook strategies,
  • ramping up our Facebook presence,
  • spicing up our non-profit organization page and filling up our timeline with highlights,
  • migrating and transitioning our Friends on our Profile page to our Non-profit page (critical!),
  • drawing together simple guides for the staff team to be better equipped when using Facebook,
  • setting up good Facebook analysis practices,
  • and maybe a few more things.

If you’re into new media and can donate some time and expertise over the course of the month of September to help us with one (or many) of the items in the above list, please get in touch with Julian. You can reach me either by email or over the phone at 514-284-9335.


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