Whiskies of the World Tasting is back!


We’re happy to announce our first tasting of 2013! Together with our whisky-astute friends at Ouidram, we’ll take a journey through the international world of whisky.

Informative, delicious and fun, through this event we’ll learn all about the art of whisky production, the effect of local landscapes on the taste and, finally, understand the difference between “whisky”, “whiskey”, “Scotch”, single malts, and blends.

The learning and the fun kicks off at 6:30pm on January 31st at the Roulant. The evening includes four whiskies from around the world, each paired with a matching hors d’œuvre, for $45 per person. Note that there are only 40 tickets, and these events sell out rather quickly. You can get your tickets here. All proceeds will go to support Santropol Roulant in our work using food to break social and economic isolation.

For more information, please contact Amadea for more information at 514-284-2771 or by email.

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