Be a Superhero!


(Cue deep movie-announcer voice)

This summer, hundreds of everyday heroes will band together to make a difference, fighting the good fight in the name of inclusion and health.

You can help them!

Working as a team over the course of three hot months, this league of extraordinary people will make sure that more than 5,500 meals are prepared and delivered with love and care. They’ll wield trowels, hoses, and secateurs at the feet of the concrete monsters in our downtown core, protecting the plants and growing 2,000 kg of delicious vegetables for the meals.

They’ll support their fellow heroes, showing them the tricks of the trade and helping repair over 520 bikes so that everyone can cruise the city streets in safety. Because heroes dig safety. They also offer kitchen workshops, gardening workshops, and pick 400kg of fruit from trees in the city.

They’ll organize an intergenerational event for close to 100 people, community events for over 500 people, care for more than 60,000 sweet and often maligned bees and collect 60 kg of sweet local honey to celebrate all the good that this city has to offer.

Stand proudly with your fellow heroes this summer! Support them so that they may succeed!


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