New and Familiar Faces

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Extra! Extra!

The new issue of Words-on-Wheels, our client-member newsletter, is hot off the press! In this latest edition, titled “New and Familiar Faces,” we feature cover model Mrs Shanker, introduce new team members and interview one of our longest-running volunteers, the one and only, Matt B.

In addition to meal delivery, community events, phone chats, surveys and more, W-o-W is one of the many ways we try and stay connected to our meals-on-wheels clients. Hopefully, it’s also a way for our clients to stay connected to us, to each other and to the Roulant community at large.

A special thanks to the magnificient Mayahuel, current Meals-on-Wheels Intern, for all of the hard work and energy she put into creating “New and Familiar Faces.”

If you’re interested in helping us out with future editions (writing, translation, artwork, etc.) don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mayahuel at 514-284-9335 or by email.

Download (PDF, 3.57MB)

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