2014 Wish List


As we came together this holiday season to write our wish list, we thought about all of the wonderful things our members have brought to us in the past. Beyond the material things we need to keep this place running, you have been very creative in the ways you have chosen to support the Roulant, so this year we we hope our Wish List reflects your own creativity and inspires you to introduce us to some of your friends!


  • colour printer
  • bus tickets
  • plastic grocery bags (for re-use)
  • chalk board
  • paper cutter
  • kitchen towels
  • metal storage shelves  (for the kitchen)
  • floating metal shelves (for the kitchen)
  • lightly used or new aprons
  • lightly used or new table cloths
  • food processor
  • hand blender
  • coffee machine
  • heating trays
  • wine glasses
  • display fridge for market vegetables
  • upright freezer for frozen meals
  • used toothbrushes (for the bike shop)
  • pantyhose (for tying plants)
  • 10′ x 10′ tent for events


  • drivers for afternoon meal delivery (no car needed) & transport of clients for special events (drivers with own car)
  • corporate volunteering groups
  • workshop facilitators (tastings, cooking, gardening, etc)
  • marketing interns or students to help make a business plan for our frozen meals and canned food programs


  • restaurants & businesses interested in hosting 3rd party fundraising events
  • spreading the word about our catering and 2nd floor rental opportunities
  • new monthly donors
  • a car rental partner

Here are just a few more examples of ways our community has helped us out by leveraging their own networks:

  • Applying to an employee foundation on behalf of Santropol Roulant
  • Making a donation and having your company match it
  • Helping us to negotiate discounts from suppliers
  • Providing used office equipment, furniture, computers (bikes, we are looking for a car)
  • Designing tshirts
  • Connecting us to a venue for events like our annual fundraising Gala
  • Getting silent auction items donated
  • Introducing us to their friends

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