Meal Deliveries Tip sheet

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Sometimes, our clients are not at home, there are miscommunications about meal orders, or our volunteers have trouble finding their way around town. That’s normal! So we produced a handy booklet to help deliveries go smoothly for our volunteers and clients.

This is pretty exciting as it is the result of a wonderful collaboration between our meals-on-wheels team and one of our amazing graphic design volunteers, Nawel Rahal.

You can check out the tip sheet here, and Nawel’s graphic design work here.

If you are a current volunteer at the Roulant, please take a moment to read through this booklet, and let us know if you have any questions. If you would like to become a meal delivery volunteer at Santropol Roulant, please contact Ben, our Volunteer Coordinator, by email or at 514-284-9335!

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