Sneak Peak of the Harvest Gala

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The menu for the Harvest Gala has been top secret… until now! Here are is a taster of the delights being served tomorrow night.

There will be handmade dumplings with squash, mushrooms and beet greens. Armel and the kitchen volunteers have made blinis to go with the artisanal gravlax from les Volailles et Gibiers Fernando. Last but not least, we will end the night with brownies from Juliette and Chocolat along with other desserts.

This is just a sample of the feast that awaits you at the Harvest Gala! Also, we thought we’d give you a little teaser of some of the Raffle prizes we’ll be drawing for. We’ve got gift certificates for a bicycle tour from Fitz and Follwell as well as homemade treats from Chocolats de Chloé. If you love yoga, we have gift certificates for Moksha Yoga and Naada Yoga! For the foodies in our community, there are gift certificates to local restaurants such as Toqué!, Saint Sushi and Biblos. We also have books from Drawn and Quarterly as well as Santropol Roulant treats in each basket.

And for those who like to groove, we have tickets to Usher!

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