All About the 2015 AGM!

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The Annual General Meeting (AGM) this year will take place on Thursday March 26th, 2015, starting at 5:30pm, and you are all invited! Don’t miss the most important governance event of the year!

Here are the important documents to consult before the AGM

Your official invitation

The evening’s agenda

Last year’s minutes

The candidates’ presentation booklet

The AGM is much more than an annual discussion about our hopes and dreams, our past accomplishments and our challenges for the upcoming year. It is also an opportunity for our members to to dig into the work we did in 2014, to ask us why and how we make the decisions we make, and to offer feedback, insight and support.

What is the Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

Every year, we host an AGM to keep members informed about our activities. One of the most important aspects of this event is that members vote to elect a Board of Directors. But first and foremost, the AGM is a Roulant event, which means there will be good food, great people and a few surprises throughout the night!

What is the Board of Directors? 

The Board of Directors, made up of 9 volunteer-members, is responsible for the overall policy-making and supervision of Santropol Roulant. They meet once a month to discuss the work and the impact of the Roulant and play an active role in our community.

Who gets to vote? 

Each member gets one vote. A member is anyone who has volunteered, received a meal, made a donation or been an employee of Santropol Roulant within the last year. Voting is done by ballot the night of the AGM, but clients are eligible to vote either in-person or from home!  

I’m a member; do I have to attend the AGM?

No, but we’d love for you to join us! The more members attend the AGM, the merrier the night and conversations. Our work is to bring people together and to listen to our community’s insight. Informally, this happens every day but the AGM is the formal opportunity for member input and we want to take full advantage of it.

Ok, I’d love to participate! What can I do?

1. Join us! Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM. It’s free of charge, wheelchair accessible, and transportation is available. It’s a great opportunity to visit Santropol Roulant, vote for the Board and get to meet other members!

2. Run for the Board of Directors! The Roulant encourages its members to actively participate in all aspects of our organization. If you think you might be interested in becoming a Board member, let us know. We will happily provide more information!

3. Clients: vote from home! For clients who are unable to attend or would prefer to vote at a distance, we can deliver voting information and a ballot directly to your home. Reach out to Kateri by email or at 514-284-9335 for all the details.

Do I have to confirm my presence?

If you are comfortable with the process, you don’t have to confirm your presence. Just be there on March 26th! If you have any questions, comments or requests concerning the AGM, the transportation or the voting, contact Kateri by email or at 514-284-9335.

See you on March 26th!

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