Local Organic Roulant Seeds for Sale

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Did you know that the Roulant Farm produces organic seeds? This will be our second year as a small scale seed producer. We’re partnering with Ferme Co-operative Tourne-sol to grow seed for sweet peppers, tomatoes, beans, and mustard!

We now offer a wide variety of local organic seeds on sale at the General Store in our office. The selection is made up of both seeds produced at the Roulant Farm and of Tournesol’s entire certified organic seed selection.

We’ve begun planting our seedlings in the greenhouse; you can start your own seedlings at home to jump start the season and make the most of the northern growing season.

Need some help getting started? We’ve put together a seedling information booklet that we hope you’ll find helpful!

Récolte de semis à la ferme du Roulant

Récolte de semis à la ferme du Roulant

Growing vegetables is a crucial step in promoting food security but producing local seed stock is also key. Did you know that the majority of seeds used in Canadian agriculture are not from Canada? By buying locally produced seeds, you support local businesses and obtain seeds that are suited to the local climate and generally provide better results!

If you’d like to know more about the seed movement in Canada check out the Bauta Family Seed Security Initiative and local Seed Producer Dan Brisbois’ Seed Blog.

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