Meet the 2015 AG Team!

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The Roulant’s AG(riculture) team is composed of 4 full-time, year-round staff members plus a wonderful group of energetic young people who join us for the growing season.

This year at the farm we have the pleasure to be working with four interns:

Kai has joined the farm team as market coordinator. You can find him in the Senneville fields a few times a week, but also at our farmers market (111 rue Roy Est) every Tuesday and at the marché du Café Citoyen (1845 Rue Saint-Jacques) every second Saturday. He has tremendous experience in working with community organisations and more specifically with the Little Burgundy community.

Cadence brings her artistic touch to everything she does on the farm. She can be found every Tuesday and Thursday in the Senneville fields working hard and bringing a touch of poetry and hard work.

Jocelyn joins the farm team every Monday and Wednesday. She has a profound admiration for the natural world and is eager to gain experience farming on a small-scale market vegetable production that she can apply to future agricultural projects.

Camilla has joined the farm team with the desire to learn and cultivate experience on vegetable production. She hopes to apply these learnings to grow community gardens and social networks in her neighbourhood. You can find her at the Senneville farm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

And three interns with the urban agriculture program:

Claudia brings her expertise in environmental science and urban planning to the downtown gardens. Since completing an internship at the Roulant in volunteer coordination two years ago, she’s happy to be back for a second round this summer!

Erin is working with the urban ag team to care for the gardens and lead volunteer shifts over the next few months. Having grown up on a cherry orchard in BC, she brings her deep appreciation for nature’s bounty and the importance of community.

Vicki will be joining the team in a few weeks and will stay until the end of the season to help harvest the summer’s bounty. She discovered the joys of cultivating her own food and sharing it with others four years ago when she started gardening on a community plot.

Additionally, Andrew, Eddy, Éloise, Evan and Geneviève are each at the farm one day per week bringing lots of energy for everything from beekeeping to medicinal herbs!

The season is in great hands!

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