Your Friendly Neighbourhood Pocket Market is Back!

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Starting June 23rd until mid-October, you’ll find us across from the Roulant selling organic vegetables from our peri-urban farm in Senneville, as well as from our 2 urban gardens!

  • When: Every Tuesday from 4-7pm
  • Where: 111, Roy East, across the street from the Roulant
  • What: A selection of fresh Roulant produce, bread and baked goods, an ever changing selection of home-made preserves, and quality meats (including many organic options) from our friends at the adjacent Fernando’s Gibier and Volaille meat shop. This is also the pickup point for your fresh veggie baskets.

Low-income market-goers can choose to buy a $10 punch card worth $20 in fruits and vegetables. Every time a dollar is spent at the market, a hole is punched in their card.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Kai if you have any questions!

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