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Congratulations! If you’re reading this you’ve landed on the new Santropol Roulant website! For our 20th anniversary, we’ve designed a built a new website that provides:

  • Clear and easy-to-find information
  • Mobile-friendly access
  • A great porthole for engagement at the Roulant!

Go ahead a familiarize yourself with the site! Here’s a quick overview of the different sections.

Homepage: A mini introduction to the organization which features upcoming events and engagement opportunities.

What is the Roulant: A section about our core programs, areas of impact and beneficiaries. The subcategories focus on our core work and community including: meals-on-wheels, agriculture, membership and volunteer collectives.

Services: Here we give you the full run-down of all other activities and services from the bike shop to the general store, from community workshops to catering.

News: This is our new blog-roll, where we post regularly about upcoming activities, events, volunteer opportunities and news.

Calls to action: Donate, Become a Volunteer, Receive a Meal: you know what to do!

Scroll to the bottom: There you’ll find our mission, publications, staff and board pages and more!

Sign up for tour Newsletter on every page, this allows easy access to our newsletter which brings you the latest news from our blog every 2 weeks!

We’re still working on the site, adding missing pieces of information, links and photos, and correcting mistakes. Feel free to let us know if you spot something that doesn’t seem right, or share with us your experience on the new site! Contact rachel@santropolroulant.org.

Thank you to Genevieve: information architect extraordinaire, Max: our amazing IT and programmer (and bike shop volunteer), and Laurence, who breathed life into the website from conception until final details.

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  1. christine burt

    Yes seems easier already… colour contrasts good to my eyes too.
    Hope you are doing fine.

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