Eat, Think, Vote, Celebrate!

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Last week the Roulant hosted its first political event in recent history and we’re really proud of how it went. Around 50 people showed up to learn about different issues pertaining to food security and how they impact the lives of Montrealears and Canadians.

We were lucky to have representation from four major political parties and got a chance to hear what the candidates and their parties would do about food security in Canada should they be elected to parliament this October. After the presentations almost everyone stuck around to dig deeper into the issues and share ideas and opinions on the matter.

The event was part of a campaign put on by Food Secure Canada called Eat, Think, Vote which aims to get people and politicians talking about food security this election season. If you missed last week’s event and want to learn more or support the campaign there are a number of ways to get involved:

  • Sign the petition and spread the word about the campaign.
  • Write to you local candidate and ask them to endorse the campaign as well.
  • Attend an event near you: check out this page to find an event near you. In particular we encourage people to check out the event in NDG this Friday, September 26 hosted by our friends at the NDG Food Depot.
  • Host your own event and have a big impact! You don’t have to do it alone and the FSC team can help you out with some of the planning, learn how by clicking here.

Thanks to everyone who came out, we hope that you are as inspired as we are by this movement to make sure our communities are well fed and that we are heard by our candidates.




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