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Are you a member of the Roulant? Would you like to further your involvement in the Roulant by joining the Board of Directors? Submit your application to run for election at our next Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday March 31st, 2016!

During the AGM, members of the Roulant – that is, anyone who has been a client, volunteer, staff member or donor within the past 12 months – will elect members to the Roulant Board, the governing body responsible for our overall-policy making. Taking part in the governance of a community organization is a unique and wonderful opportunity.

Applications must be received by February 29th, 2016, at noon.


If you’d like to submit your candidature, we’re looking for individuals who are:

  • 18 years or older
  • Able to serve a 2-year term and make the necessary time commitment
  • Possess a functional comprehension of both French and English
  • Possess the skills and expertise needed to address this year’s Board priorities

Clients, volunteers, staff, donors, neighbours, and friends are all invited to run. As a youth-led organization, Santropol Roulant encourages young people under 30 to apply.

More information about the Board of Directors

Charities in Canada are governed by a voluntary Board. This group of individuals is legally responsible for overall governance.

Generally speaking, staff members are responsible for day-to-day operations and decision making, while the Board provides leadership, direction and oversight through, for example, the development of long-term strategic plans and organizational policies.

They are also responsible for making some of the bigger decisions such as approving the budget and supervising the Executive Director.

The Roulant has what is often called a “Collective Board” – this means that while the staff and Board have distinct roles, they work together as much as possible as a unified team.

Some of the key features of a strong Santropol Roulant Board are:

  • Alignment: Board members are an important part of the team. As the holders of the mission, it is vital that directors understand our work, culture and aspirations.
  • Diversity: We value having a Board that represents the diversity of perspectives of our whole community. We try to have a balance of people of different ages, races, genders, languages, cultures and life experiences.
  • Time Commitment: Santropol Roulant Board members are very engaged, and are expected to attend one meeting per month, participate on committees and working groups outside of regular Board meetings, attend events, and have a visible presence amongst staff, clients and other volunteers. The estimated time commitment is 5-8 hours per month, depending on what the Board is working on and the load of the committee(s) the member sits on.
  • Stability: It can take time for a Board (like any team) to come together and be productive. It is therefore important to have Board members who intend to fulfill their two-year term.
  • Key skills: A strong Board has members with the range of skills and experiences that are needed to make informed decisions. In 2016, the following areas of expertise have been identified as most needed by the Board of Santropol Roulant:
    • Strategic planning/thinking
    • Budgeting/finance
    • Performance management/dashboards
    • Experience with non-profits, particularly as it relates to the concept of social impact

Note: Sitting on the Board is only one way to participate in the activities of the Roulant! If you are interested in the big picture and governance of the organization, this might be the role for you. If you are more interested in contributing to specific activities or in more operational matters, there may be other volunteer opportunities that would be more suitable.

Ready? Click here to submit your application online, or here for a PDF version of the nomination form!


For more information, email current Board Chair Vani, or Executive Director Pier, or call at 514-284-9335.

Thanks in advance for you engagement and see you at the AGM!

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  1. Sylvia Wedge

    Please can you state soon who will remain on the board and their attributes, so the new candidates will bring the skills that will be needed for 2016/17.
    This, I think, encourages good candidates to stand for election, and needs to be known early in the process. It also allows Santropol voters time to consider the remaining board members’ expertise and discover the best people to fill the gaps. The current board has already established the directors’ skills needed for the year ahead. It now needs the new additional members to complement the expertise of the directors remaining for 2016/17.

    1. Rachel Davis

      Hi Sylvia,

      This is an excellent question and point you bring up. We will be putting together a package including all of the information that you requested, but this we only be available after we’ve received applications from new candidates. So I will try my best to answer you here:

      There are six Board members who are in the middle of their two-year term and are continuing on: VANI JAIN, MARC NISBET, BERNIE SHALINSKY, JUDITH COLOMBO, SYLVAIN THÉRIAULT, WAYNE MCINTYRE.
      Of the remaining three, two are up for re-election: LINDSAY WIGINTON and SUZANNE BOURQUE, and one is stepping down: CHRISTOPHER KENNEDY, leaving three of the nine spots “open”.

      Information about each of these Board members can be found on the Board of Directors page: http://santropolroulant.org/en/board-of-directors/
      In 2016, the following areas of expertise have been identified as most needed by the Board of Santropol Roulant (as indicated above):
      Strategic planning/thinking
      Performance management/dashboards
      Experience with non-profits, particularly as it relates to the concept of social impact

      Both Pier and Vani are happy to talk and answer any questions!

      Thanks for posting your question!

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