Stories of Santropol Roulant – Phil


Phil – Volunteer & Monthly Donor

I came to Montreal eight years ago from New Brunswick to complete my undergrad. I fell in love with the city, and with my girlfriend Niamh, so I never left. Throughout my time at McGill, I would regularly see red backpacks zipping through town and I had a vague idea of what the Roulant does. I became a volunteer when Niamh started working here a year ago. The community drew me right in, and I really appreciate how everyone comes together out of a shared desire to make the world a kinder, gentler place.

I was recently accepted to medical school at McGill, which is a dream come true. For now I’m just reading a lot of philosophy and volunteering because I know in the fall I’ll be busy again.

I chose to apply to medical school because nine years ago I had a medical adventure that made me realize one shouldn’t take anything for granted. When I recovered, after two years of tests & appointments, I realized that doctors are there for people at their most vulnerable time, when their mental and physical health is deteriorating. If they consider patients as whole humans and not just diagnoses, they can have a tremendously meaningful effect on their patients. I want to accompany people through these difficult, existential experiences.

To me, the Roulant is on the same continuum. Everyone here is treated as a whole human, and the organization doesn’t just feed mouths, it feeds souls. That’s why I became a monthly donor.


About the blog series:
Santropol Roulant is a beautiful community of members brought together by food and community engagement. In an effort to capture the diversity of our members, we are launching Stories of Santropol Roulant. One of our volunteers, Monica (pictured below), is setting out to photograph our members and collect quotes and short stories to share on our blog and social media. If you see Monica at Santropol Roulant with a camera in hand, feel free to approach her and say hello. We would love to hear your story! Contact if you have any questions or would like to be interviewed.



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