Calling all pick leaders for les Fruits défendus

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Les Fruits Défendus is looking for motivated, energetic and autonomous individuals to lead our urban fruit harvests throughout the summer!

Les Fruits Défendus is Montreal’s volunteer-led urban fruit harvesting collective which connects local fruit tree owners with volunteer harvesters and helps ensure that this valuable local food resource does not go to waste.
As a pick leader, you will have a unique opportunity to take on a leadership role in the community. In addition to receiving a share of fruit from harvests, you’ll gain valuable leadership experience and form meaningful relationships with members of the collective as well as urban agriculture and food security communities. Of course, you’ll  also learn a lot about fruit!

All pick leaders must attend a mandatory training session to learn how to pick fruit and lead harvests confidently! Training sessions are tentatively scheduled for June 15-23, 2016.

For more information about this role click here

If you are interested in becoming a pick leader, email us at!

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