Empanadas & Alfajores


José Mendiondo is from Uruguay, where he was a professional soccer player. He’s lived in Montreal since 1981. José has volunteered for a meals-on-wheels program in his neighbourhood (Centre-Sud) for the past four years. He loves to cook, but is mainly motivated to volunteer so that he can meet new people and socialize.

Here are the recipes that he taught the Roulant community at an intergenerational workshop a few months ago. Try delicious empanadas with either beef or spinach-ricotta filling and the tasty cookies: Alfajores de dulce de leche.

Click here to see past recipes from the book Learning from our Elders. There are copies of the book in our General Store. If you try any of them out, we’d love to hear your comments!

Download (PDF, 2.19MB)

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