Summer catering launch at the Roulant

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The Roulant is excited to introduce our new Summer Catering Menu! We invite you to come sample the newest menu during a 5@7 tasting and community event on August 11th. More details are available on our Facebook event.

Keeping in line with the Roulant’s healthy and seasonal food philosophy, our catering service now changes to offer the best of each season throughout the year. We have lots of exciting new options in our new Spring Catering Menu. Check out the menu below to find different options: Buffet, bouchées, snacks, desserts and drinks.

In the Roulant kitchen, we’ll happily prepare delicious food for your meetings with colleagues or friends, whether it’s in our community rental space or elsewhere. Catering hours are 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm.

Download (PDF, 2.88MB)

Please share our catering page or space rental page with anyone who you think might be interested. Thank you!

For any questions, to check availability, or to make a reservation, please contact Marie.

NOTE: This service is part of our autofinancing activities and supports the Roulant’s programs and mission in order to deepen our impact in the community. Thank you for your support!

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