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Atabak – Volunteer

I moved to Canada five years ago from Iran. I didn’t know anything about Montreal at the time that I decided to move, not even that it was a French city. I chose to move to Montreal simply because I had a few friends here and when you immigrate to a new country and leave your family behind, you want to move to a place with some familiarity. Despite not knowing anything about it, I fell absolutely in love with Montreal.

I enjoy volunteering in my spare time but by definition, I am an engineer. During my childhood, I was fascinated with astronomy so I chose to study aerospace engineering in university. Once I began studying, I quickly learned that it had nothing to do with astronomy at all.

I found Santropol Roulant a year and a half ago, when I lived close by. The reason I continue spending time here is because I have found something here that I left back home in Iran. I enjoy being involved with Santropol Roulant because it reminds me of my hometown and my family.

About the blog series:
Santropol Roulant is a beautiful community of members brought together by food and community engagement. In an effort to capture the diversity of our members, we are launching Stories of Santropol Roulant. One of our volunteers, Monica (pictured below), is setting out to photograph our members and collect quotes and short stories to share on our blog and social media. If you see Monica at Santropol Roulant with a camera in hand, feel free to approach her and say hello. We would love to hear your story! Contact if you have any questions or would like to be interviewed.


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