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Hello volunteers! Did you know that you can now purchase the Roulant’s preserved goods from the General Store at a reduced price?  We’ve implemented a sliding scale to make the Montreal-grown canned and fermented food that is sold in the General Store more accessible to volunteers on a restricted budget. This change will allow you to pay anywhere between 50% and 100% of the posted price, based on your capacity to pay.

We wish to increase access to quality food for our volunteer community and obtain data that will allow us to assess the possibility of extending a sliding scale to our community at large.  This ties into the Roulant’s commitment to increasing food security for Montrealers.

How does this work?

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is my capacity to pay?
  • Am I in a position to support the participation of others by purchasing items at full price?*
  • Do I currently require the support of others in order to have access to quality food?

Things to consider:

  • When you purchase items at full price or give a little extra your are helping to increase the food security of others.
  • When you pay a slightly reduced price, you are still helping Santropol Roulant cover costs.
  • Whey you pay the minimum price, you are benefiting from the support of the community.

*It’s also possible to pay more than 100% in solidarity with other volunteers.

A few examples:

  • Kyle is currently searching for a job and on a tight budget: he purchases a jar of apple chutney for $3 rather than $6.
  • Josée works in the community sector in order to support her growing family: she purchases a jar of grape jam for $8.50 rather than $11.
  • Maria has stable employment and a well-paid job: she purchases a jar of tomato sauce for $12 (or $14 if she is feeling particularly generous)

Questions? Comments? Don’t hesitate to contact Isabelle.

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