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Spring is here! It’s time to get your garden on. Whether you’d like to grow your first batch of lettuce or a bumper crop of tomatoes, the Roulant General Store is stocked with all of the things you need to get going!

What’s available?

Come choose from 56 varieties of organic, locally produced flower and vegetable seeds from Ferme Co-operative Tourne-Sol ($3.50 per package). Many are perfect for new vegetable gardeners and small spaces, but we’ve also selected seeds for those with greater space or experience.  See the list of the available varieties to help you decide.

Organic seedling soil is available in 4 L bags ($4.00) that include a small pouch of chicken manure you can use to fertilize your seedlings 10 days after planting them.

Organic sea compost is sold in 30 L bags ($7.00). It’s ideal for amending good quality soil that has already been used for growing in past seasons as it will add nutrition as well as improve structure and water retention of your soil.

Should you be setting up a container garden for the first time, then we recommend organic Urban Garden Container Mix sold in 30 L bags ($7.00).

Finally, if you’re looking for an organic, natural fertilizer, pick up a 4 lb bag of Actisol chicken manure.

Eager to get started? Our agriculture team has recently posted about starting seeds. Carlo has laid out basic strategy for garden planning and Samuel has shared his techniques for starting seedlings.  If you’d prefer to learn in a hands-on fashion, sign up for our seedling workshop!

Why buy soil and seeds at the Roulant General Store?

We keep the General Store stocked with products that reflect a love for people and local food. We are happy to support people as they embark on their first growing projects. Additionally, the revenue supports the work of the Roulant and allows us to be more financially resilient.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact Isabelle by email.

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