2017 AGM: A record community turnout elects new board members

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On March 30th, Santropol Roulant’s headquarters was transformed for our 2017 Annual General Assembly (AGM). In total, 169 participants filled the room, including voting members (clients, volunteers and donors) and non-voting guests, to enjoy tasty food, to review the year behind us, and to select the next Board of Directors.

Special thank yous

Thank you to everyone who came out and contributed to the evening’s vibrancy and success. Your invaluable presence and support at the AGM is one very strong example of the many incredible ways that Santropol Roulant members contribute all year long.

And finally, we offer an extra special thank you to our volunteers who cooked, welcomed, counted ballots, moved desks, cleaned dishes, and ensured that the evening was an immense success. See photos of the evening below, thanks to our photographer of the night, Susan Moss.

Welcoming new Board members

A record number of 152 votes were cast, including 22 by clients who voted from home, to elect six of the thirteen candidates for the board. The choice was not easy, as the competition was very fierce! We give an immense thank you to the very courageous and passionate individuals who presented themselves as candidates. Without this competitive process, the election would not have been a democratic one.

Our congratulations go to Judith Colombo, Jon Kalina, Pierre Legault, Amelia Brinkerhoff, Laura Howard and Marc Nisbet (shown above, from left to right, wearing red aprons). These individuals were elected to our Board of Directors for a two-year term. They will join Caitlin Jenkins, Christopher Webster and Suzanne Bourque in providing leadership, direction and oversight to our work in the coming years.

We would also like to thank Vani Jain, Tejaswinee Jhunjhunwala, Bernie Shalinsky and Sylvain Thériault, four outgoing board members. They have all made immense contributions during their time on the board!

You are always invited to read more about the Board of Directors.

If you have any questions about the Roulant Board, don’t hesitate to email Pier from the staff team. To find out more about what happened at the Roulant in 2016, take a look at our latest annual report!

How did you find the event? Please send us your thoughts using the feedback form.

Photos by Susan Moss:

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