Official Invitation to our 2018 AGM!

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Do you want to know more about our activities, meet other community members or contribute to our organizational life at the Roulant? Then join us at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) happening March 29th at 5:15pm. 

Who is a Santropol Roulant member?

If you are reading our newsletter, you must already be a Roulant member; anyone who has volunteered, received a meal, made a donation or has been an employee of Santropol Roulant within the last 12 months. Please know that the non-members are more than welcome to the AGM but won’t have the right to vote.

What is an AGM?

A major event of our calendar, the AGM is an opportunity to discuss with our members about what we have accomplished this past year. It is also the moment to elect new Board members. Bouchées and drinks will add to the evening because at the Roulant, it is more fun when there is good food to share.

What what what?
If you never heard of the terms “board” or “governance”, it is okay, we can explain. Click here to learn more


For those who just discovered they are members, know that your participation is completely voluntary and that the event is free and wheelchair accessible.

Good old friends or brand new members, you don’t have to confirm your presence! We will expect you on Thursday March 29 at 5:15pm to start the evening. Click on the following links for the official invite, the agenda of the meeting and the minutes of the 2017 AGM. These documents must be read before the evening if possible.

Official Invitation The Meeting’s Agenda Last Year’s Minutes


To celebrate our brand new elevator, we will holding the event on the second floor for the first time since we moved in 2010. And we hope it will be the first accessible event of a long series.


This year, 4 positions on the Board are up for election. We received the applications of 8 members from our community; this means that we will have an election once again at the AGM. To facilitate your choice, we have prepared a booklet of candidates for you.

Candidates’ Presentation Booklet


If you still have questions, comments or suggestions please contact Kateri by email or call 514-284-9335

Looking forward to seeing you at the Roulant and the AGM on the 29th.

Photo credit: Susan Moss.

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