2018 AGM: Accessibility and Governance

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On March 29th, the Roulant community gathered for it’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). In total, 124 people joined their voices, including voting members (clients, volunteers, and donors) and non-voting guests, neighbours, friends to choose new members for the board of directors.

This gathering was especially special as it was our first community event with our newly built elevator. Last AGM, we announced that we would be building an elevator to make our rooftop garden and second-floor space fully accessible and a year later we inaugurated it and held the AGM on the second floor. It was presided by Chris and Barbara, our friends and long-time members of the community. You can relive this special moment here. The elevator now allows everyone to have access to the second floor, the terrace, and the rooftop garden.



Special thank you

Thank you to everyone who came out and contributed to the evening’s success. Your invaluable support and presence at the AGM is one very strong example of the many incredible ways that Santropol Roulant members contribute all year long.

And finally, we would like to share an extra special thank you to our volunteers who prepared the food, welcomed our everyone, counted the ballots, helped clean up and ensured that the evening was rolling. Have a look at the photos below, thanks to our photographers of the night, Ivan Velasco-Davalos and Claire Thomas and our graphic artist and friend, Sarah Panjvani.

Welcoming new Board members

111 votes were cast, including 14 by clients who voted from home, to elect four of the eight candidates for the board. The choice was not easy, as the competition was very fierce! We give an immense thank you to the very courageous and passionate individuals who presented themselves as candidates. It is with your participation that we have competitive and democratic elections that offer our members a choice so they can decide the best path forward.

Our congratulations go to Amélie Desrochers, Caitlin Jenkins, Jane Morrison and Marco Gartenhaus. These individuals were elected to our Board of Directors for a two-year term. They will join Marc Nisbet, Judith Colombo, Jon Kalina, Amelia Brinkerhoff and Laura Howard in providing leadership, direction, and oversight to our work in the coming years.

We would also like to thank Suzanne Bourque, Chris Webster and Pierre Legault, three outgoing board members. They have all made immense contributions during their time on the board!

You are always invited to read more about the Board of Directors.

If you have any questions about the Roulant Board, don’t hesitate to email Pier from the staff team. To find out more about what happened at the Roulant in 2017, take a look at our latest annual report!

How did you find the event? Please send us your thoughts using the feedback form.

Photos by Claire and Ivan:

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