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On Thursday, July 19th, the morning of Rue Fermier, CTV news and Métro Journal de Montréal attended the press conference that occurred on the second-floor terrace. The press conference inaugurated the accessible rooftop gardens, giving people with all levels of mobility access to the urban agriculture program. As many of you might already know, an elevator was built in March 2018 at the Roulant in order to create a more accessible space for all. A huge step in the right direction, but we are still a long way to being fully accessible to everyone. Santropol Roulant is working hard in ensuring that this dream becomes a reality in the near future.

Find Chris, Khate, Georgette, and Pier in the video and the article by clicking the link down below. 

CTV Montreal News: Santropol Roulant’s new elevator gives wheelchair users access to rooftop garden

Métro Montreal: Des jardins urbains plus accessibles au Santropol Roulant

In other news, Radio Canada also visited our farm team in Senneville, in the West of Montreal where they explored the agricultural potential of Montreal with the President of our Board of Members, Judith Colombo, and our co-farm manager, Samuel.

To learn more:

Visite guidée dans les fermes de Montréal

Le potentiel agricole de Montréal

Take a look at the photos:

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