Success and Assured Accessibility – Rue Fermier 2018


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There were so many smiles and lovely people at last week’s Rue Fermier event on July 19th, we can still feel the good vibes in our space this week. Perhaps it is because our goal this year has been officially achieved; that everyone has access to every corner of our building and urban gardens.

Inauguration of the accessible rooftop gardens 

To start off the day, a symbolic ceremony occurred on the terrace by some of our members with reduced mobility. Thank you to Georgette, Marie-Éve, Katy, Chris, Marc, and Karo-lyne to have participated in our press conference. A big thank you to our partners that came, ExAequo and Owen Rose Architect.

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This edition of our annual community celebration also highlighted each of our programs and collectives in a creative way.


The Farmer’s Market and the organic vegetable baskets from our farm were rocked by 4 musicians from our community. On the Terrasse Roy stage, we had to pleasure of listening to Tri, Bashu, Pat Quinn and Yony, who played hits one after the other that made people of all ages dance.

In the middle of the flowers and bees, the magnificent Cecile delighted visitors with her harp on the rooftop garden.

Our beloved collectives

Thank you to our collectives for all their effort on presenting their projects to our members; mycollectif made a fun game of recognizing Quebec mushrooms, the beecollectif put on sale canned mustard honey bee hives and postcards of their best photos. The collective vermicompost demonstrated the vermicomposting process and the community bike workshop answered all visitors’ questions.

Screen Printing Workshop 

Thanks to our timeless and generous Todd Stewart, to have provided the necessary material so that you could make your own Roulant t-shirt by screen printing. Our Urban Agriculture Intern/Art Student, Maya, drew a logo inspired by the theme of the event, the accessible food cycle. Stay tuned for the next wave of t-shirt making!!! :)

Seed Library

The launch of the seed library from the Urban Agriculture program occurred during the evening. A true gold mine, click here to find out everything about this initiative by our intern in Urban Agriculture, Tali (there was also a seed paper making activity with seeds integrated – really cool!)

 The stars of our wheels

Without them, we would only be a sad circle! Thank you to all the volunteers and members of the Board who did the cooking, the market, the baskets, the decorations, the welcome table, the guides, the bar, the setting up, the dismantling, the peace-keepers, first aid, cleaning, and dishes! You are all wonderful.

The Programs

Thank you to our staff to have represented your respective programs; Catherine L. at the Meals on Wheels and the volunteer, Talia at the community kitchen, catering and preserves, Marie-Anne who did the guided tours of the rooftop garden, and the farm team, Samuel, Julien, Raphäelle and Virginie for their guessing the weight of the zucchini activity. *Answer at the end of the post :)

A special congratulations to the fundraising team, Brooke, Tara, Melanie, and Pier who launched the first 5 @ 7 donor edition on the terrace. The goal was to thank, to exchange, and to have fun with our donors, as well as talk about the importance of giving to a community organization. Thank you to all donors for their feedback.

Extra love

Former employee, and dear friend of the Roulant, Catherine Prévost, offered chair massages, under the apple tree in the little parc. We thank her for relaxing the crowd :)

Our friends from Vent over Tea was also at the Farmer’s Market, which is a free listening service for those who need to vent with an empathetic ear in a local cafe. Click here to find out more.

A true legend and icon of our parties, the one and only, our volunteer, Denis Morton once again climbed on his stilts for our pleasure. Thank you Denis, for making this celebration even more magical.

Thank you Antoine Porcheron for his drawings of the poster 2018, who knows and represents the Roulant so well every year.

Our MC, DJ, and co-manager of the kitchen, Jérémie Vienneau, offered a fantastic set at the end of the evening. Thank you Jérémie to have made absolutely everyone dance the night away to end this special edition of Rue Fermier 2018!!!

A special woot-woot for the awesome photos of our volunteer Plamena. She was everywhere at the same time, so much so that she could possibly be Superwoman! Also, a big thank you to Dolly for the press conference photos.

A creative thank you to our two volunteers at the kid’s makeup station, Chris, and Celia; the activity was supposed to last 2 hours, but they ended up putting on make up all evening not only for kids but the big kids too!


They are the ones that make our event even better. Thank you to MOOG for the sound, the tables, and the tents from our friends at la Maison de l’amitié, and finally the delicious Rise Kombucha. 

The answer for the weight of the zucchini?

8.3 pounds


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